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How will Obamacare affect your Small Business?

by Rose Greene, CFP on April 6, 2010

Will health care reform mean headaches … or hidden dividends? provided by Los Angeles Financial Planner, Rose Greene, CFP® Increased costs or savings in years to come? What do the federal health care reforms mean for your company? Will they lead to thousands of dollars in extra costs and more paperwork? Or will federal subsidies […]

Change Is On It's Way

by Rose Greene, CFP on April 1, 2010

HEALTH CARE CHANGES IN AMERICA But the historic vote hardly means an end to the debate. Provided Los Angeles Financial Planner, Rose Greene, CFP ® The House approves the Senate bill. Not a single Republican voted for it, but 219 Democrats did – and by a vote of 219-212, the House of Representatives sent the Senate’s version […]

What Changes Will You See In Health Care For 2010?

by Rose Greene, CFP on March 31, 2010

The AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE FOR AMERICA ACT What does it mean for now, for later … and for you? Provided by Los Angeles Financial Planner, Rose Greene, CFP® March 23, 2010, President Obama signed historic health care legislation into law following a year-long struggle with congress to follow through on what was a pivotal piece […]